Friday, November 13, 2009

Psalm 130 - My Paraphrase

This past weekend at my church's retreat up in Winter Park, we were asked to write a paraphrase of a Psalm. We could pick our own. I chose Psalm 130 - which is a psalm of lament and given my current reality on the adoption front it seemed particularly appropriate. Here is what I wrote:

In the midst of the pain of unfulfilled dreams,
I cry out to You, O' Lord
Pay attention, O God, to my cry for Your mercy.
If you were mindful of my sins how could I even approach You?
but You, O' Lord, give forgiveness freely.
You are awed, O' Lord
I'm waiting for you, God
I'm waiting...
In hopeful expectation that You will act...
More than a pregnant mother waits for labor,
More than a pregnant mother waits for labor.
Put your hope in the Lord
His love never fails
His love is unconditional.
The Lord, Himself will forgive and give new life!

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