Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shining Faces

Last weekend The Experience band led worship and the services at Concordia Lutheran Church in Steamboat Springs. It has become a much anticipated yearly event for all of us. It is a blessing to be away for the weekend as a band and ministry team. It has the capacity to re-energize us for continued ministry to the Experience community.
Anyhow, a woman - Marv's wife - I always mean to memorize her name and for some reason always end up remembering her this way instead :( approached me after the service to tell me that "your face shines with the love of Jesus". Wow! What a huge compliment! It made me think of the verses under my blog header - that we shine with the brightness of His face. That is exactly my heart's desire! I was thinking about gradually becoming more like Jesus and how it is sometimes easy for people to see Jesus in my life from a distance - when they see me leading worship or sharing during a service, but the real "test" of whether or not my life reflects Jesus is in the close up look - people who know me when I'm grouchy, tired, overwhelmed, just plain grumpy and wanting to be alone.
Lord, may my life gradually become brighter and more beautiful as You enter my life and I become like You!

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