Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Birthday Approaches

I took a friend out to dinner tonight for her birthday and I realized that my birthday is only a few weeks away! Ack! This past year has been a tough one.

I came across an entry in my journal from Oct 4th, 2008 and it was very encouraging to me as I approach 41. How in the world did that happen????

I want to share it's a bit stream of consciousness so bare with me...

10-4-2008 - My last day as a 30 something. 30's have been good years. I graduated from Den Sem, have had lots of training and opportunity to minister and grow as a counselor. I decided to stay in Colorado, bought my 1st condo and then my first home. I have made some really good friends, got my doggies, have had some amazing vacations.

I have released a lot of pain, drawn closer to You, Lord. I hope I have become more like You.

I have learned to have boundaries in relationships. I have learned to accept my calling as a therapist and a teacher and have found ways to overcome many fears related to those roles.

You have taught me to take responsibility for my part in relationships and allow others to be responsible for "their side of the street".

You have shown me new levels of my anxious heart and also given me new freedom in so many ways.

You have given me peace in terms of not being so concerned with how others feel about me. I love all that I have gotten to do and become at the Experience.

Thank You Lord for Your incredible tenderness, patience and mercy that You extend to me on a daily basis.

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