Friday, March 9, 2012

Lenten Prayer

I discovered this prayer in Lent Devotional by D. Maddalena - find it here.

It really speaks to me.....Lord hear my prayer,

Lord, I ask you for the strength to persevere, for I am weak. Help my eyes to see this world as you see it; help me to look to you when I am tempted to fear the emptiness. I choose to stand before you and wait for your comfort, and not to run from that which I fear, or run back to old habits.

Help me to find my strength in you, and to abandon thoughts of saving myself. Help me to find my comfort in you, and to reject the messages I hear every day about the fulfillment I will find in food, riches, sex, and power. God, be my strength and comfort! I need your peace ... I need you. I am making space for you in my life today: Lord meet me in the empty places I have made. Lord, draw near to me, and fill me until I overflow.

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