Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Amazing Summer

Tonight, as I swam laps outside - only a few more days to do this :( - I was thinking about what an amazing summer it has been. I have many things to be grateful for.
It started off in early May as I took a trip to visit a dear friend near Virginia Beach. I had several opportunities to sit on the beach for extended times with the Lord. Praying, listening, reading, writing, considering all that He has been doing in and through me this past year. It was very refreshing. I didn't so much hear specific directions, which I admit I was hoping to hear, instead I heard words of comfort and peace and acceptance - I sensed I just needed to rest - Matt. 11:28-30.
In June, I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend with two dear friends from Seminary days at a condo, on Pacific Beach, in San Diego. I absolutely love both of these women - they love Jesus, they are real, they are single and know what that path is like, neither has kiddos and both know the pain and the joy of that. It was good to just be with them and, as dear Delene says, "let it unfold". I felt refreshed and encouraged. We laughed, swam, enjoyed a few margaritas and rested.
In July, I was privileged to serve with Women of the Harvest on their Furlough Retreat. It was one of those experiences that I find myself saying "Lord, THANK YOU that I didn't miss it!" It started out as a commitment to serve as a counselor for missionaries who are home on furlough and before it was over I was the worship leader and a small group leader as well. In my mind, it was too big a task (and it was, for me, but not for God) and I have to admit I thought about saying "no", but I am so very grateful that the Lord didn't let that happen, because I treasured each of the roles I had the opportunity to play as much as the I treasured the women that I had the chance to get to know.
August has been a blur - lots of swimming outside (I LOVE, LOVE LOVE THAT!) and dossier prep for my third try at International Adoption.
Abba, thank you for the many gifts of your presence this summer in such varied ways!

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